I am an intuitive life coach, reiki master, and speaker from Southern California who loves to ignite, activate, and awaken people to get UNSTUCK.  I draw a lot from my own journey and trial.    Once I figured out how I was getting in my own way, I couldn't wait to help others heal old patterns, stories, and behaviors from the inside out.  My coaching practice draws on the ancient wisdom of reiki as well as my intuition to connect with people and help them see their value.  I incorporate speaking engagements into my practice because of I love to engage and inspire audiences with my stories, wisdom, and ideas.  What I have learned is that often when we are at a crossroads we overthink and get stuck; we hesitate on taking action; we put it off and then we start to feel yucky, stuck, unlike ourselves.  But the reason we hesitate is because we have closed ourselves off our own curiosity and intuition in facing the unknown.  The good news is we don't have to have all the answers!   Once we start dumping old programming and messages, shame, stuck energy, and other garbage, we can ignite the spark in ourselves and open to our path, open to the unknown adventure of living life as you, that is calling and waiting.  I'm so excited to be designing my practice around what I know I can offer people, and to be reaching wider audiences with my speaking engagements!  I hope to bring my work to college sororities, yoga studios, and retreat centers in 2021!

Ignite your life

6 week Transformational Package to wake the f up!


Laura Medrano

Murrieta, CA


Tel: 760-855-8369


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