Hi, I'm Laura Medrano! I am a a First Degree, Second Degree, and Master of Usui/Holy Fire®️ Reiki System of Energy Healing and have also completed my Psycho-Spiritual Alchemy™ Coach Certification Program as a Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Healer. 

I am a first-time self-published author and recently launched my first Amazon book, "Becoming a Master Dater: 7 Simple Steps To Rewrite Your Love Story", and this is only the beginning of my writing career! I'm currently working on my second personal development book for guiding people towards stepping into their purpose.


I have worked 1-on-1 with clients to tackle personal issues since 2018. I've hosted workshops that include teachings of mindfulness and self-care, and I've even worked with teenager group circles and kids groups educating them on the importance of positive affirmations, mindset, and meditation. 

I've been hired to speak at various in-person and virtual events such as women’s conferences, summits, and numerous podcasts to share my wisdom that U proudly gained from life experiences and struggle versus classroom credentials. (Click here to check out my speaker page!)


I can testify to the outcome of these experiences simply because I have lived through them and share my gratitude for those circumstances which have led to having compassion, empathy, and a desire to teach and share wisdom with others. Instead of going to a standard college, I put on a backpack and went to explore the college of life.

I live in sunny Southern California and in my free time I enjoy being in nature, sparking other’s excitement, spreading love through healing practices, and sharing my contagious enthusiasm for life with anyone who is craving change and fulfillment. I am a mother to one son and encourage him to explore the world. As for myself, I've also lived and worked in Alaska and The Caribbean.


I also have a guilty pleasure for games shows and contests. A memorable accolade to date was in 2011 where I was a contestant on "Minute To Win It" hosted by Guy Fieri. I was able to showcase my love for animals and getting people hyped up! You can always find me at a ring toss at a carnival or entering in games, contests, or challenges for a chance at winning the big prize!

I love inspiring others and I’ll be your personal cheerleader and make you believe in yourself, even when you're struggling to find the spark within. Feel free to reach out to me below via email, or book a Clarity Call with me today!

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