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About the Book

Do you feel exhausted and drained from dating the bottom of the barrel? No good men left on this planet? Ready to throw in the towel and get a bunch of cats??? 

After spending countless years wondering where her prince charming was, Laura decided to go on a mission. She was determined to fix the common denominator in countless failed relationships... which was HERSELF.


It was the only thing she had control of, and she was so exhausted from calling in men that were draining her internal batteries, so she knew something had to change.

In Becoming a Master Dater, Laura Medrano gives you the simple, yet effective secrets on how to manifest your high-level soul mate. She’s not talking about the man that’ll do for now.


She's talking about the man of your wildest dreams, and the best news is that he’s looking for you too!  Let’s stop wasting time, cut out the BS, and be the woman he's looking for.

This is the juicy, step-by-step process on how to call in the man who is made EXACTLY for you! Why wait any longer, get the book and the man NOW.


Jackie Benson, Templeton, CA

"I’ve read Laura Medrano’s book and got chills! Her self-care tips on living yourself first have helped me not only improve my own relationship with my husband but have helped to me invite more joy, flow abs abundance into my own life. I’ve sent her book to my single friends and they are feeling so hopeful and inspired that it is possible to attract divine love at any age!"