Trust that you have arrived at this particular moment at the perfect time. I love connecting with women who are tired of feeling stuck and ready to take action now!


Are you stuck in your love life, stuck in your career, stuck from not knowing what comes next, and ready for transformation, but have no idea where to begin?


You were meant for so much more and it's time to wake up and start living your dream life. You are here to get inspiration, learn the tools it takes to get unstuck, and most importantly to feel GOOD.


When we feel good, we do good and open up invisible doors for our future. We were all meant to shine bright, so stop dimming your light and spark the fire within you!

Distant or
In-Person Reiki


Complimentary Clarity Call

Rewrite Your Love Story Course


Diana Knott, Murrieta, CA

"In my twenties I was a trained massage therapist and have had a plethora of massages, I knew the principles behind reiki but never experienced a true reiki session. Until I met Laura, I was not sure if I would like to lay on a table for an hour without a massage incorporated. To my pleasant surprise after our session, I felt balanced and refreshed. I can’t wait for our next session! Laura has a unique ability to transcend every encounter with her into a meaningful experience. Her words and presence offer guidance and love with a splash of humor and fun. She’s an inspiration!"